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"After the Storm"
Limited Edition Giclee Print by Ric Liesch


The power of the storm often seems to determine the intensity of the sunset. And, although the storm has died, its energy still seems quite alive in the water as it breaks on the Georgian Bay shoreline.

For those who haven't witnessed a true 'Killbear Sunset' there may appear to be too much colour in this painting. But for those who know the evening Killbear sky as it opens up after a stormy day, there may not be enough.

Ric Liesch

ORIGINAL MEDIUM: Gouache / Watercolours

Information: This is one of 150 Limited Edition Giclee prints. It has been personally inspected and signed by the Artist. All images in this edition have been reproduced under the Artist's supervision using certified archival inks. They are printed on acid free, genuine watercolour papers. Artist Bio, Painting Information and Certificate of Authenticity are included with the print.

Size: 22" x 15.5" (Unframed)
Medium: Canvas Giclee