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"Falls Disappearing"
Limited Edition Giclee Print by Ric Liesch


Artist's Notes: This painting was conceived one misty fall morning in Killarney as we came upon our first portage. An old log jam had partially dammed up the stream and the lake just seemed to bend over it and disappear. That natural illusion and the late autumn season combined to provide the title.

The colours and mood of this piece portray that quiet and slightly melancholy feeling that often overtakes us as the trip and fall come to an end.

Ric Liesch


This is one of 150 Limited Edition Giclee prints. It has been personally inspected and signed by the Artist. All images in this edition have been reproduced under the Artist's supervision using certified archival inks. They are printed on acid free, genuine watercolour papers. Artist Bio, Painting Information and Certificate of Authenticity are included with the print.

Size: 27" x 19" (Unframed)
Medium: Canvas Giclee