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"Wind Swept"
Limited Edition Giclee Print by Ric Liesch


The Killbear Collection
Killbear Point, Georgian Bay

It is hard to visit this place without being reached by the many distinct settings and feelings that are Killbear. In fact these are as much a collection of feeling and memories as they are a collection of paintings.

While all visitors share some parts of Killbear, at the same time it seems able to give something that remains uniquely our own. I hope these paintings will be able to do the same.

Kilcoursie Bay

This double stemmed White Pine has clung to this granite slab for as long as I have been coming to this place. I have witnessed its tenacious determination for over 25 years as it stands trained by the full force of the Georgian Bay Nor-westerlies.

The warm and cool tones of this piece seem to highlight the varying forces that make up the very spirit of the Bay. The warm sunset is fading into the cool of night. The cat's paws that still ripple the bay contrast the glassy pool, but even its presence again tells of the wind that put it there and bent the pine.

This is one of 150 Limited Edition Giclee prints. It has been personally inspected and signed by the Artist. All images in this edition have been reproduced under the Artist's supervision using certified archival inks. They are printed on acid free, genuine watercolour papers. Artist Bio, Painting Information and Certificate of Authenticity are included with the print.

Size: 8.5" x 11" (Unframed)
Medium: Canvas Giclee